Do Religions Love Hate?

Do Religions Love Hate?

Does religion teach us to love hate?

Many religious zealots love to hate

Yesterday’s Apes, Pigs & the Sabbath blog caused a small stir in a few discussion groups.

Some deleted it because I dared to raise the topic of Islam in “Christian” or “Biblical” discussion groups.  Others launched into a tirade against religion, with some advising that we “rewrite” the Holy Texts to get rid of the evil they represent.  All this in reaction to a simple request that  “As we go to war against Islamic extremists, be aware of the religious roots!”

My editor (for The People of the Sign Trilogy) asked me why I left the topic so open, for people to draw their own conclusions, vs. clearly stating the outcome of my analysis.  My answer was that it is more important to me for people to draw their own conclusions, vs. telling them what I think.  But apparently a primer is needed.

ISIS/ISIL is driven by religious fundamentalism – but fundamentalism is a misnomer.  It implies that they literally follow the Koran.  They don’t.  If they were to actually READ the texts upon which their love of hate is based, they would come to see that what they are doing is wrong – by their OWN moral code.

My blog dipped into the source texts, an advisable direction, as education is surely a major part of the solution.

The idea of re-writing the Koran, which a billion people fervently believe in, is in my view not only unrealistic, it is wrongheaded. These millions are already killing people for disrespecting their prophet – far better to understand and teach that the writings of their prophet condemn their actions.  This is the approach that Jesus took with the Pharisees of His day, for example.

What I found most discouraging were the attitudes of condescension, ignorance, and frankly arrogance, from materialists insisting that there is absolute and conclusive proof against all the claims of those who believe in anything not easily measured by science.  One would think that understanding where other peoples and cultures are coming from, and building reasonable bridges, would be an approach embraced by those who profess objective science to be a better path to truth.

By investing even a few minutes to read the blog, and discuss the topic as presented, we can be better armed for the next time the “Apes and Pigs” epithet is thrown down.  We can see that there is no need to react like a pack of howling dogs to the poisonous red meat, whether in offense at the Antisemitism in evidence, or  in disdain at the inhuman ignorance.  One would be empowered to clearly show that the Source Texts which are being used to hurl this epithet say the opposite.

Darkness is the absence of lightThe Koran insists that Muslims show the utmost respect to Jews and their beliefs. The “Apes and Pigs” epithet originated as a description of the hypocrisy of Jews who claimed the benefits of adherence to the Sabbath law, while actually breaking it. Thus the Koran indicts anyone who would criticize a Jew for being Jewish – the exact thing extreme fundamentalists are doing.  This would apply even more strongly to those who oppose a “Jewish State” – one that esteems the Sabbath command, against which the comments in the Koran clearly do not apply.

And this is but the very tip of the iceberg. If we were to study the historical roots of Islamic Antisemitism we find that a large share of the blame lies at the feet of the Christian community, for introducing such ideas FROM THE WEST into the Arab Muslim community.  A key quote from the wikipedia article on Islamic Antisemitism sums this up with “Initially these prejudices only found a reception among Arab Christians and were too foreign for any widespread acceptance among Muslims.”

If we wish to work for peace, and promote the growth of a better society we cannot ignore, dismiss or demonize the beliefs and practices that led to our modern day.  For those who do reject religion entirely to do so could be likened to trying to proclaim that you believe in evolution while rejecting the fact that we descended from inferior species, including pigs and apes.  Instead of knee-jerk condemnation and uninformed reactions we must understand and overcome the negative trajectory of those elements of society with intelligence, detachment, and love.  Educating the fanatic masses as to what their Holy Book actually says would begin to undo the appeal and power of ISIS/ISIL.

And we should make this a priority, because even though we should defensively resist such murderous cancer with force, we are not generally in a good position to be casting the first stone.

Pigs, Apes, and the Sabbath

Pigs, Apes, and the Sabbath

Levant Map of ISIL's goal

ISIS or ISIL seeks to obliterate Israel on its path to global dominance

As we go to war against Islamic Extremists, I’d like to use today’s Blog to open up a dialogue of reconciliation.

Friday is sometimes referred to as the Islamic Sabbath, but a private poster named Zifikos on Yahoo Answers shows that to be incorrect.

“We don’t have a Sabbath day in Islam. In our belief, God does not need to rest.. See the verse; “Neither drowsiness nor sleep overcomes Him…He is not fatigued by taking care of both (Heavens and Earth)”. (2:255)

But we are commanded to respect those who follow Sabbath day in their lives.. See the verse; And We said to them, “Do not violate Sabbath, and We took from them a solemn Covenant” (4:154)”

Islam has such built in protections, commandments to honor and respect what my Trilogy has called “The People of the Sign” as identified by the Mosaic Covenant’s emphasis on the Seventh Day Sabbath, that should avoid the creation of a Hamas or an ISIS. But like what happened with Christianity and its inquisitions and crusades, the founders of great religions are not generally followed correctly by the zealots.

Islamic extremists and terrorists often refer to Jews as Apes and Pigs. I had read that this is derived from the Koran, So I dug into it.  I was fascinated to see the connection to the issue of Jews breaking the Sabbath, a topic that is front and center in my trilogy “The People of the Sign”.

Seventh Day Sabbath Observance

The Seventh Day Sabbath

I invite you to take the time to read this discussion of these Koranic references carefully.  I also invite you to provide your input to a dialogue on the topic of Islam and Judaism, and the connection to the Sabbath.  The People of the Sign discussion group on Facebook provides a respectful forum for discussing such thorny topics with those whose views might be quite different from yours.

It is in that spirit that I post this Blog on that auspicious day for Muslims – Friday, and end it with the conclusion of that Zifikos post introduced above.

“We, Muslims pray regularly (5 times in a day) and we also pray (like talking to God, asking the things we want) whenever we feel like. But if we look at it like a special day to pray, Friday might be seen as our Sabbath, the day of El-Gumah (the assembly), and is a day of public worship. Because the Islamic calendar is strictly lunar, festivals may occur at any time of the year. Friday is always an auspicious day in our belief.

Hope this answer helps, have a nice day, sis.
Peace and blessings…

p.s. Jumah means Friday in Arabic


Time for the  Blood Moon Tetrad

Time for the Blood Moon Tetrad

Does the Blood Moon Tetrad have Prophetic Significance?

Does the Blood Moon Tetrad have Prophetic Significance?

What to post on 9/11?  Well, it’s a calendar date, so let’s start by discussing what I’ve been up to since my last post, and then get into the specifics of what this day means to me.

I finished the Manuscript to The Rod of Iron this month. I’m currently wrapping up the review process and plan to send it to my editor on 9/15 for his first read.

The Rod of Iron provides my answers to the key questions raised in the opening two volumes, including ones from the Genesis story.  On the fourth day of creation the Sun, Moon and Stars were set in the firmament as a gigantic prophetic clock, for Days, Seasons, Times and Signs – all designed to declare God’s Glory.

in my opinion 9/11/01 revealed that the proclamation of the destruction of Babylon – Revelation 18:1-2 – has already occurred. “And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” For those who have eyes to see, when the symbolic twin towers of the World Trade Center fell, one after the other, this became unmistakable.

Today’s date is thus a memorial of the schizophrenic nature of our current location in prophecy. The “Righteous” nations resist the “evil” nations, but in a yin/yang configuration, in which neither is completely right or wrong, as they all participate in Babylon the Great.  They are also all confused by this dying World Order even as it crumbles around them.  The Judeo/Christian West continues to reject the understanding that could be provided by the Revelations of Moses and Christ, and the Islamic East has abandoned the teachings and the desired succession of Mohammed.

The Divine Clock is intended to give insight to the Wise, and bring about events intended to school the foolish. Consider this.

What does the Blood Moon Tetrad in the Divine Clock tell us?

What does the Divine Clock tell us?

A set of 4 blood moons – called the “Blood Moon Tetrad” began with this Spring’s Jewish Holy Day season. the remaining three eclipses will take place on October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and September 28, 2015, corresponding to this year’s fall Holy Day season, and next year’s spring and fall Holy Day seasons.

Do you believe the universe was designed to provide celestial lights to rule over the day and night of this planet, Providing the Days, Seasons, Times and Signs.  Is all of this part of God’s plan to bring humanity into alignment with the Light?  What are your own viewpoints on the significance of the Blood Moon Tetrad and/or where we find ourselves within this Universal Clock?

If you’d like to discuss these and other topics related to The People of the Sign trilogy, please join my facebook discussion group.

Always Crashing in the Same Car

Always Crashing in the Same Car

OK, so the title is a bit oblique, but I’m a big Bowie fan. Having addressed that, why am I blogging on this site, when months ago I wrote what I thought was my coda? It’s because my car crash has overtaken me – which ties Bowie and the Blog together with the discussion raging in the TPotS group about the miracle? I describe in chapter four of the book this site is about.

Here’s a teaser intro to the story from the section titled “Drive My Car”.

“Though I was out of the tent, I wasn’t out of the woods. My drug days were all but over now that it was legal to drink. I was savvy enough to mostly avoid drinking and driving, but had a problem with speed limits, stoplights, and stop signs, and had racked up a number of tickets. The associated points against my driver’s license were a ticking time bomb.

In the spring of 1979, I headed out of Palmer at 10:15 p.m., late for work as usual, but there was no traffic at night so I could make up the time on my way to Anchorage. I hit the freeway and settled in for the drive, but rounding a corner saw something disturbing. Ahead on a gravel strip, connecting the dual lanes on either side of the divided highway, sat a stationary police car. He was obviously pointing his radar gun straight at me. I glanced down at my speedometer and winced at the dial that was pointing at 100 mph.

Saved by a Miracle?

Don’t try this at home!

Three facts instantly raced through my mind.

Any speeding ticket would cost me my license.

He had already clocked me at 35 mph over the limit.

He couldn’t pull out onto the road until I passed by.

In the next instant I felt the floorboard under my foot and I blew by him doing 120 mph.”

Jefferson Starship once asked “Do you believe in miracles?” I do. But my belief in God’s willingness to perform a miracle is greatly diminished versus what I believed at that time. Therefore, if this were to happen to me or someone else today, I would be even more skeptical than I was then.

But this is not to say that I was not skeptical about that miracle at that time. I was. And the reason I put it in the book is not because I expect anyone to believe God performed a miracle for me. Far from it!

No, it was because I did not expect God to perform a miracle for a rebellious, disobedient boy like myself!

So if He did perform that miracle, it shattered my perception of Him in a positive way.

He didn’t so much save my life as reveal Himself.


Is the glass half full, or half empty?

As I complete the first draft of the manuscript for the final volume of my trilogy, I’m reflecting back on the entire journey in the light of the discussion in this group. I’ll say no more here because I believe I’ll say it better in the book, which I hope you’ll read. I also hope you join us for the discussion that’s raging in the group The People of the Sign.