Always Crashing in the Same Car

Always Crashing in the Same Car

OK, so the title is a bit oblique, but I’m a big Bowie fan. Having addressed that, why am I blogging on this site, when months ago I wrote what I thought was my coda? It’s because my car crash has overtaken me – which ties Bowie and the Blog together with the discussion raging in the TPotS group about the miracle? I describe in chapter four of the book this site is about.

Here’s a teaser intro to the story from the section titled “Drive My Car”.

“Though I was out of the tent, I wasn’t out of the woods. My drug days were all but over now that it was legal to drink. I was savvy enough to mostly avoid drinking and driving, but had a problem with speed limits, stoplights, and stop signs, and had racked up a number of tickets. The associated points against my driver’s license were a ticking time bomb.

In the spring of 1979, I headed out of Palmer at 10:15 p.m., late for work as usual, but there was no traffic at night so I could make up the time on my way to Anchorage. I hit the freeway and settled in for the drive, but rounding a corner saw something disturbing. Ahead on a gravel strip, connecting the dual lanes on either side of the divided highway, sat a stationary police car. He was obviously pointing his radar gun straight at me. I glanced down at my speedometer and winced at the dial that was pointing at 100 mph.

Saved by a Miracle?

Don’t try this at home!

Three facts instantly raced through my mind.

Any speeding ticket would cost me my license.

He had already clocked me at 35 mph over the limit.

He couldn’t pull out onto the road until I passed by.

In the next instant I felt the floorboard under my foot and I blew by him doing 120 mph.”

Jefferson Starship once asked “Do you believe in miracles?” I do. But my belief in God’s willingness to perform a miracle is greatly diminished versus what I believed at that time. Therefore, if this were to happen to me or someone else today, I would be even more skeptical than I was then.

But this is not to say that I was not skeptical about that miracle at that time. I was. And the reason I put it in the book is not because I expect anyone to believe God performed a miracle for me. Far from it!

No, it was because I did not expect God to perform a miracle for a rebellious, disobedient boy like myself!

So if He did perform that miracle, it shattered my perception of Him in a positive way.

He didn’t so much save my life as reveal Himself.


Is the glass half full, or half empty?

As I complete the first draft of the manuscript for the final volume of my trilogy, I’m reflecting back on the entire journey in the light of the discussion in this group. I’ll say no more here because I believe I’ll say it better in the book, which I hope you’ll read. I also hope you join us for the discussion that’s raging in the group The People of the Sign.