The XZone

What a week it’s been since I formally launched this blog!  I had just finished explaining why I do this when several interview offers came my way.  This has led to a scramble, working with my Publishing Company, to create email notifications, podcasts, ways for people to find them on the site, and so much more.

Since that first interview, last Friday on Joe Messina’s “The Real Side” there have been a number of other Interviews, the Podcasts of which will soon be available right here on this site.

And tonight, as I type, I’m anticipating my biggest interview yet – an hour with Rob McConnell on “The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show”.  The ‘X’ Zone airs on 163 stations across the U.S. and my country of origin, Canada.  It’s an interesting program, and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

We’ve worked out an ‘X’ Zone exclusive offer in honor of this interview – a two-for-one autographed copy offer.  Anyone who buys a book (print or Kindle) from and sends an order confirmation screen shot, along with their mailing address, will receive an autographed copy of the book.  Don’t forget to put who to sign the book to in your email.  Send it to [email protected] and I’ll mail you a free autographed copy by media mail.