No Mercy for Syria

No Mercy for Syria

God Protects Syria

The Sign says God Protects Syria

Foreign Policy’s Middle East Daily report Brief reports that “The United Nations World Food Program on Monday suspended its food voucher program to 1.7 million Syrian refugees due to a severe funding crisis.” even though the United States gave the WFP $125 million last week.   The crisis is huge “Over 3.2 million people have fled Syria since the conflict began in 2011, and about 7.2 million others have been displaced within the country.” Despite the size of the problem, why this lack of funds when $5.4B in aid promised to “rebuild” Gaza?

I pulled a random Virtues Card to use as a lens from which to view this topic, and Mercy came up.  The affirmation reads “I show mercy to others.  I put myself in their shoes and do what I can to be helpful.  I give others another chance when they make a mistake.  I listen to my heart.”

My heart asks, why is there no mercy for Syria?  Is it possible that hate and hypocrisy are still trumping mercy and compassion?

Mercy for SyriaIf we purify our hearts from bias and bigotry, perhaps we would be able to view the world situation with objectivity.  We might find that there is enough humanitarian aid available to assist those truly in need.  And perhaps we would have the wisdom to withhold it from those who will use it to wreak havoc and inflict misery upon others.